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The definitive heritage brick


The perfect brick for restoration and new build

The Pluckley Brick Company has been estabished to produce handmade wood-fired bricks from Weald Clay, dug from the site of the former Pluckley Brickworks in Kent; these bricks are a specialist vernacular product ideal for both conservation and new build across the Weald from Kent to East Sussex, West Sussex and South Surrey.

About Us

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The Process

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The authenticity and beauty of these bricks is the result of meticulous research by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, in Virginia, USA.

The Process

Our Products

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We produce both metric and imperial bricks as standard. We also produce bespoke bricks of every size and type for conservation and new-build.

Our Products

Heritage Bricks

heritage brickwork

We've put together a quick visual guide to historical wood-fired bricks; these precedents should help you when specifying bricks for your project.

Heritage Bricks

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